First Time Sex: Expectation Vs Reality

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The thought of having sex for the first time comes with anticipation and anxiety. Even with proper mental and physical preparation, you will still be hesitant to have an intercourse for the first time. Nevertheless, having your first time with an cheap escorts can make things easier. That’s because the model is experienced and knowledgeable about the best way to make your experience better. The model will help you deal with uncertainties that may hinder you from enjoying your first experience.

What’s more, the best model will help you deal with experience. Generally, everybody has expectations about fist time. But, these are mostly different from reality. Here are common expectations and realities of first time sex.

Expectation It Begins with Foreplay and Oral Sex

An escort can please you with amazing sensual treatments. They know where to touch and how to touch to give you that special experience. But, the reality with your partner can be different.


During your first time sex, there is a little chance that you will engage in amazing foreplay and oral sex with your partner. For this to happen, get an escort.

Expectation – Sex will be Smooth and Pleasurable


Most people think that sex is all about pleasure and amazing sensations. However, that is not the reality in all cases. The fact is that first time sex can be sweaty and tiring. At the time of vaginal penetration, you are likely to experience discomfort. But, there are ways to reduce the pain. An experienced escort can help you deal with the discomfort and ensure mutual satisfaction.

Expectation – You will try all the Sex Positions


There are many sex positions that you can try with your partner or escort. However, due to the possible discomfort and fear of the unknown, you are likely to try the missionary position only. First time sex is mostly about convenience and most women often leave their men to take control. However, an escort will pay attention to your needs and desire to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Expectation – First Time Sex is followed by Sweet After-Sex Talks and Cuddling


Many men want to please their women. However, they mostly feel tired after the intercourse. Thus, they may not be interested in after-sex talk to cuddling. To enjoy this, have your first sex with an escort.

Expectation – Your Friends think of it as an Accomplishment


Many people around the world, including your friends have sex regularly. Thus, no one will care now that you had your first time sex.

Whether you have your first time with an cheap escort or your lover, it’s important to separate the reality from expectations. This will enable you to avoid frustration in case your expectations are not met.  

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